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1)  Speaking of plays: Congratulations to the cast and crew of Urinetown!  Seriously, I don't think I've seen such a talented and cohesive group since the legendary 2002-2003 season.  G&S has bounced back, and I could not be prouder of you all.
2)  I cannot help but go all moony-eyed over the new chief of staff.  Not only is he devastatingly handsome, he is also fearless.  He once sent an enormous dead fish to an enemy, and it is said that the more he curses at you, the more he likes you.  He is also a classically trained dancer.  (This is starting to sound like a game of two truths and a lie.)
3)  Egypt Highlights:
  • My first night in Cairo, I was all alone, and walked along the banks of the Nile as the sun was setting, watching the sails of the feluccas catch the light.
  • The hotel was small, airy, and garnet-colored, on the top floor and roof deck of a tall commercial building, and currently houses three generations of the French-Egyptian family that runs it.  While we were there, I nibbled their delicious 8-month old baby and watched her attempt to take some steps in her rolly walker, and I befriended their two small dogs. It was like visiting friends.  When we were on our way back from the desert, they called to see if we'd be home for dinner.  One night we were served a meat pie that (Oh, what's the use?  No one will believe me!) was ACTUALLY.  BETTER.  than my Moroccan Chicken Nut Pie.  No, I swear. 
  • The first night Jess was there, we wandered around the downtown market area, where goats and cows and donkeys shared space with cars and pedestrians, and then shared an enormous juicy pomegranate on the balcony overlooking the city, and catching up on some stories that couldn't be told to full effect on the phone.
  • When we went to see the Pyramids, we were besieged by Egyptian schoolgirls in bright head scarves.  They were there to practice their English with the tourists, and took lots of pictures of themselves hugging us and kissing our cheeks.  They could all say "Hello," "How are you?" "My name is _____" "What is your name?" and "I love you" (which they used in place of goodbye).  They taught us how to say those things in Arabic, too. (I can't remember most of it now, but at the peak of my talents I had eleven Arabic words, two of which essentially mean "I don't know.")  Then as we were leaving, a group of schoolboys accosted me and wanted to practice their English...oh, wait, NO they didn't, the wanted to feel me up!  Jess got a great picture of  it, opting to capture the moment rather than intercede.  My feminine attributes got a LOT of attention over those few days. 
I'll have pictures up soon, whenever Jess gets around to sending me the CD.  This is not a hint to her, sadly, as she has sworn off all blogs, even mine, and so any tongue-in-cheek mudslinging would be wasted here.  Plus, if she's not reading, she can't laugh, and if she doesn't laugh, it just sounds mean.
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