Karen (jitterbugparfum) wrote,

Friday night, I was getting on the highway on my way to my friend Paul's birthday party when I lost control of the car.  It was raining, and the curve I was going around was a lot tighter than I had thought.  I crashed into the median and most of the way over it, snapping the front axle and scraping the undercarriage badly. 

After a few seconds of shock, I grabbed Otter's leash and we scrambled out of the car and into the rain, to the side of the road where we watched dozens of cars come way too close to hitting mine.  A police officer showed up, and a tow truck driver, and a VDOT guy, who ended up driving my trembling dog and me home an hour and half later, because I had left my cell phone on my bed.

I'm fine, just shaken up and very grateful that there a median there. Otter was mad and wet. My car is likely totaled.  How was your weekend?
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