Karen (jitterbugparfum) wrote,

I'm sure it works with MoCo girls

So where do you go to school?
I don’t. But thanks! I'm almost 30.
You don't look it. That's a compliment. I'm in college.

…Thanks. Um. Where do you go to school?
(puffs out his chest) Montgomery Community College. They call it "Yale on the Rail." It's the best in the area.
Huh. And what are you studying?
Music and theology. It's important to get a well-rounded education, so I major in business, but my heart is with my music. I think music is what humanity is all about. And also philosophy. I don't know what I want to do with my life, and that's okay. I'm just going where destiny takes me. I think I'll try to get a job here at the animal shelter, because Corporate America is just about stealing money from the poor, and I'd rather help others than harm them. I'm that kind of guy. I value others--
(At this point, one of the dogs we are walking breaks the gate lock to escape from him. Karen exits, choking back laughter and pursuing dog.)

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