Karen (jitterbugparfum) wrote,

I have been trying for twenty minutes to write down the story of what happpened to me on Sunday, but in order for me to be able to tell this story without people interrupting to say, "What? WHAT?" my listeners would have to accept all of the following:
- The government is breeding horse/dog hybrids that can almost look me in the eye
- Six-year-olds can have birthday parties at the animal shelter
- Pit bulls can pretty much fly
- A pit bull at a birthday party would be poor public relations at best
So I'm not really going to tell it.  I will merely say that catching a flying pit bull in your arms to prevent it from party-crashing a group of cake-addled six-year-olds can lead to head-butting a concrete wall, and that, as you may have already surmised, hurts.
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