Karen (jitterbugparfum) wrote,
Hi Mom, it's me.  Mike is out of town with the laptop; can you look something up online for me?
Sure!  I'm at the the computer now.  What am I looking for?
I need you to look at my email and find me the address for EgyptAir--
Where did you send the email?
Nowhere, it's still in my account.  It's G--
Your what?
My email account.  It's G--
How can I see your email?
Type in Gmail.com
What's that?
Gmail.com. Can you take me off speakerphone?
So, type in Gmail.com....
Is that Yahoo?
Nope, it's Gmail.
Ooooooh.  Okay. Geeeeeemmaaaayyyyyyylllll.  Dot com.  Okay, now what?
You'll need to login.  My user name is karen dot hicks.
Kaaaarrrrennnnn dawwwwt hicks. Okay.  Password?
Well, I'm in a crowded public area, so I can't give you the password, but it's our first dog's name followed by my birthday.
Didn't work.
Mom.  Did you just type out "our first dog's name," followed by my birthday?
Yes...Oh! Her real name!
Okay.  Now what?
You need to do a search.
*can't think of an explanation*
So, um, type in "EgyptAir."
Wow! That's a long email!
Well, it's an email string. The most recent email should have the address in it.
*further scrambling ensues, ending with me coaxing her into giving me the address*
Love you Mom. *click* But I hereby swear to remain up to date with technology as to not annoy my offspring.
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